Monday, July 9, 2007

A Brief History of Me

Here I am again, giving this blogging thing one more try. I'd been told that blogging is one way for a writer to "get out there," as long as I do it every day. Well, I just found out today that I've only been scheduled for three shifts this week at my cooking job, so I better "get out there" as soon as possible.

So, a new approach. My last blog was an ill-informed adventure in which I jumped into the deep end without my floaties. Let's start this one with baby steps, beginning with my interests.

One of my interests is film, so my posts will now include a movie recommendation. Today's recommendation: David Mamet's thoroughly enjoyable The Spanish Prisoner. Steve Martin's slimiest performance ever.

As for my other interests, I'm an English major at UNM and about to start my final semester (hopefully). I'm an aspiring writer, in case that hadn't yet been made clear. That is a writer of all sorts: fiction, nonfiction, and even scriptwriting. And I enjoy cooking. For more of my interests, see the picture above.

Geez, talk about shameless self promotion. This is sounding like a personals ad. (SWM, 22, NS but smokers OK. Likes movies, books, and passing out on bathroom floors.)

I come from the desert oddity known as Albuquerque, NM, a place that, with time, you grow to despise but then after a day's absence you inexplicably miss the heck out of this relentless frying pan. At least it rarely gets cold (aside from an occasional freak snowstorm) and, in all honesty, the nightlife ain't all that bad. I even read that in a travel magazine, which means that my opinion isn't all native bias.

So, anyhoo, here it is, Simon's attempt #2 at blogging. Wish me luck.